We live in a world of computers. As fun as that is these computers leave businesses open to attack from various sources.

IT Security and Cloud Security is essential to a modern business. Your data is your most valuable asset! Whether it be user data or your companies secret sauce, IT security and Cloud Security is what keeps this safe and so must be a priority.

We are a small business and appreciate IT security can be expensive. We work to your budget to find solutions that fit your budget and also reduce your exposure to the big scary world.


Office 365 Management

Through us you can purchase office 365 user licenses with a management service.

The Management service includes the following:

  • Office 365 setup and basic configuration.
  • User management includingĀ  allocating licenses and group creation.
  • Mailbox creation.
  • MFA setup and training documents.
  • Basic O365 usage training documents.

We also offer advanced configuration :

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Sharepoint Online
  • Policy configuration

Small Business IT Security

As a small business ourselves we are well aware of the need for IT security. The big boys may get attacked more but a breach for a small business can kill it before it even gets off the ground.

We will work with your budget and all your employees to improve working practices and keep costs within workable parameters.

IT Security is not just for large businesses. Please message us for a frank discussion about what you need.

Cloud Security

With more and more compute power being moved to the cloud we offer a consultancy service which includes Architect services, Implementation of best practice and Security monitoring.

If you dont have the resources for a security team quite yet we can setup delegated access and implement a cloud SIEM using Azure Sentinel. This will allow us to collect logs from multiple sources cloud and on premises and monitor for securiy threats.

Home IT Security

The It world is full of jargon and IT gibberish and also people who are out to take your details using whatever means necessary,

We want to make the process of securing your computers and mobile phones simple and easy to understand.

We can offer training on how to keep everything secure, regularly log into your machine to make sure that there are no virus infections or help with the basics.

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