Personal IT Security

Let us help you be secure online. Pick a Consultation level below


In our basic check we will go over protecting your computer with anti-virus software, how you currently login to your machine and the strength of your passwords and how to improve this. 


The standard check will cover the basic check and additionally take you through keeping your mobile phone secure, how to check a site is legitimate. Using the internet safely. What to do if you do get a virus, Backing up data. We can also field any questions you may have about security. 


With our advanced package we can go in depth on your security on the net.  We will take you though security settings on social media sites, check to see if your details have been compromised on the internet  through website hacks etc. 

Upon agreeing to use this package. We will sign a contract with you that any passwords disclosed will remain secure(offline)  and will be erased from our records at the end of the consult.

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