We follow Microsoft best practice when setting up SharePoint sites to make sure you have maximum usability and ease of use.

Office 365

We can assist in migrating to, implementing, administering, and training staff on Office 365 including Exchange, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business


Your staff may be highly skilled but even the best of us get overwhelmed at times. We are able to come in the middle of a project lifecycle and assist your staff in finishing those business critical projects.

Website Hosting

We are able to host small business websites on our Hosting or we can help you spec up what hosting will be sufficient for your website. 


We can train your current IT staff on how to manage, maintain and customise WordPress installations. We also offer WordPress site building packages.

Disaster Recovery

Your Business should always have a 3 point DR plan. We can take you through how to set one up from scratch or  to go through what you have already found.